17.02.17 : Michel Robles y el Sello – Mejor Solo Que Mal Acompa√Īado

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

This week brought us the yearly fest of lovers (and shopkeepers ūüėČ ) all over the world – “Valentine’s”, the day of saint Valentine, also known as el dia the los enamorados.

As it is also known, not everybody has yet found their perfect mate, and many had (or preferred) to spend this day on their own, as singles.
Some places (like China) have already turned that into a gold mine as “singles’ day“, which brings us to today’s song, as this Cuban young man, although nowadays married in Peru, goes along this lines, claiming “¬Ņpara que el amor? para que el dolor? pa’ que me voy enamorar, si soltero me goza mejor?”

Michel Robles Ramos was born in La Habana in 1983, and has been singing for his whole life, professionally since the age of 15.
Having moved to Peru in 2000, Michel has been working with Robert Armas as one of the main vocalists of Los Conquistadores de la Salsa for over 8 years.
In 2009 Michel started forming his own project, with a band coming together in 2011, thus giving birth to “Michel Robles y el Sello”.
The band creates Timba and salsa using various Cuban rhythms, but also makes other music such as pop and ballads.
2 albums have been released by the band, called “la bomba que tengo”, which came out in late 2014, and “Mejor Solo Que Mal Acompa√Īado”, which saw the light of day last march.

Today’s song is from Michel’s¬†2nd album, and deal with the topic of love, or more precisely, with the advantages of being single as compared to falling in love and getting into a relationships.
Some may agree, some may not, but all should be having a great time dancing Casino socially when this song gets played;

10.02.17 : NG La Banda y Yeni Valdez – Acorralada, Negrita Fina & Veneno

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers.

If you are fans of Timba or Cuban music in general, you must have probably heard of the departure of Yeni Valdez from Los Van Van due to personal reasons.

This is quite sad for us music fans, but love always comes first… such is life!

You most probably know Yeni as the wonderful lead singer of Los Van Van… but did you know that her big break into the world of primera linea Timba came before that?
Actually, Yeni started her career in the big league with NG La Banda, as a new lead singer on their 1997 Album Veneno.
Yeni sings on the title track, on Acorralada and on Negrita Fina.

So for today we have not one clip but two new ones, never appearing on this blog before!
And here they are… Disfruten!


03.02.17 : Paulito FG – Te Deseo Suerte

Good day dear blog readers, listeners and followers.

Today I present you a nice, romantic composition by Paulito FG.

Paulito had a thing for romantic music since his early days in the world of Cuban music, and this is apparent in most of his albums;
Even his¬†most “hardcore” Timba albums of the “epoca de oro” of the 1990’s include 1-2 romantic and highly lyrical compositions.

The song presented today is the title track of¬†the 2003 album “Te deseo Suerte”.
This is not your typical Timba, Salsa or even typical Paulito FG album;
Rather, it is an eclectic album of western music, Cuban music and everything in between, including salsa, Timba, pop, reggaeton, Bolero and ballads.

The salsa and Timba compositions on this album are quite nice in my opinion, with “Que Mania” being one of the better ones, but the title track, presented here today, being my personal favorite.

So, here it is;

27.01.17 : Orquesta D’Talle – Algo Anda Mal

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Today I present you a very nice Timba composition by Orquesta D’Talle, one of several Timba groups made only of women!

This fine band released only 1 album as far as I know, called “de la salsa Cubana”, and this took place in 1999.
Since then the band moved to Vancouver, Canada and has released several singles over the years, but none of them became a full album.

Anyways, the few compositions that we do have are wonderful, including the one I chose for today, called “Algo Anda Mal”.


20.01.17 : Altibajo Latin Son – De Amarte Mas

Good day dear blog followers, readers and listeners!

Today I present you a very nice composition by yet another Colombian group, this time Altibajo Latin Son from Bucaramanga, Colombia.
Founded in 2006 by singer, guitarist and composer¬†Victor Carre√Īo, the group makes¬†Colombian, Antillan, Caribbean and Afro Cuban music in a Sexteto format, with vocals, bass, timbalero, conguero, saxophone & trumpet players and even a Tresero!

In December 2016 the group released their first album, De Amarte Mas, who’s title track I present you today, as it is in my opinion very nice and full of Sabor Cubano!


13.01.17 : Xiomara Laugart – Un Amor Asi

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Today I present you a fine Timba composition by an artist mostly known in the genre of La Nueva Trova and political song¬†–¬†Xiomara Laugart.

Starting her musical career in 1979, participating in the Red Dianthus political song festival in Berlin.
A year later she won the 3rd place in the prestigious Concurso Adolfo Guzman de Musica Cubana in Cuba, and 2 years later took 3rd place in the Red Dianthus, which on that year took place in Sochi, USSR.
Over the years Xiomara had been a member of several music ensembles, traveled to Europe, Africa and various countries of the Caribbean, performed with such notable figures as Pablo Milanes and Silvio Rodriguez, and even participated in the films Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and Paraíso Bajo las Estrellas .

Over the years Xiomara produced 17 albums, with the song presented today being from the 2010 album “Que Manera de Quererte”.


06.01.17 : Grupo Chévere РDos Amores

Good day dear blog followers, readers and listeners… welcome to the first post of 2017 !

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon quite a nice, newly released, salsa romantica by Japanese ex funk, and nowadays, salsa, vocalist Amy Akaoka.

This song is nice on its own, and I enjoyed listening to it, but it¬†lacks the unique sound found in Cuban music made in Cuba (or by a few talented bands outside Cuba… most of which have at least 1 Cuban musician among their members…), both old and new.

Anyways, I recalled that some time ago I dedicated a blog post to the 25th anniversary of Japan’s only (yet very creative and talented) Timba \ Cuban music band, Grupo Ch√©vere.
I also remembered that despite releasing several albums during this time period, the band is little known by Timba fans, especially outside Japan, and very few materials, if any, are available on youtube.

So, it was quite a nice surprise to see that one of their songs from “Ch√©verelax” was recently uploaded… and just like the one mentioned in the beginning of the post, it’s a romantic one, yet this time around a Timba.


30.12.16: top 6 Timbas you might have missed in 2016 !

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Happy new year, merry Christmas and and other holiday you might be celebrating at this time of the year ūüôā

Today I share 6 great Timba compositions not covered in my blog that you might have missed during 2016.

So, give them a try…

The songs are not listed in any specific order, nether chronological or otherwise.

*Clave Cubana Timbera – Somos

Clave Cubana Timbera is a band of Cuban musicians living in Argentina.
After playing traditional Cuban music for years, they decided that it is high time to step into the Timba era!
Somos is the title track of their album, and a fine composition on its own, starting out slow and¬†picking up energy at a steady pace until a great explosion del momento ūüôā

*Orquesta Reve – Cachita

Although it hasn’t yet come out as an album, Orquesta Reve released some wonderful songs for their 60th anniversary, including this great composition, which is a Timba infused with ritmo Pilon, one of the first musical styles to emerge in post revolutionary Cuba during the 1960’s…

*Robert Armas y Los Conquistadores de la Salsa –¬†La Timba la Traigo Yo

As a promo for their album of the same name,¬†Robert Armas y Los Conquistadores de la Salsa released a very nice composition called¬†La Timba la Traigo Yo… and he sure does!
With a driving beat and mambos, Robert and his band can surely say “tu sabes como vengo? conquistando!”

*Pupy y Los Que Son Son – 15 A√Īos

Oh, how fast time goes by… one can think that only yesterday Cesar “el pupy” Pedroso left Los Van Van to pursue a solo career with his own band… but this was 15 years ago!
October 4th 2001… on this day Los Que Son Son was founded by Pupy!
So, to mark this occasion, the band released an “auto-chronology” composition called “15¬†A√Īos”.
And those sure were great 15 years of artistic creation (some of the highlights of which are mentioned throughout the song) !

*Maikel Dinza y Los Soneros de la Joventud – De Igual a Igual

The year 2016 saw the release of several cover version to great classics by Los Van Van, both by the great band itself and other artists.
A little known cover was released earlier this year by Maikel Dinza y Los Soneros de la Juventud, and it is for the wonderful¬†De Igual a Igual, from Van Van’s 1996¬†¬°Ay Dios, amp√°rame!
Sounds quite different from the original, but still interesting a well performed, in my opinion…

*Angelito Ramirez y el Tren Bala – Bata Ya

Last but certainly not least, is a song from former Mayimbe’s singer, Angelito Ramirez and his band “el Tren Bala”, who released a mostly well made album called “Mi Historia” earlier this year.
It has some better known Timba hits such as “Amigo de Que” and “Mi Historia”, which were released before the album as promos, becoming dance floor favorites long before the release of the album… but it also has some less well know, but not any less well written and performed, compositions, such as the one before you here!
For the Spanish speakers among us, take note of the lyrics found on this album.

Well, here they are… 6 great Timbas you could have easily missed this year… so I hope that this will teach us all to be a bit more diligent in 2017, and look deeper into things ūüôā

¬°Disfruten el a√Īo que viene!

23.12.16 : Sixto Llorente – Ya No Hace Falta

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Today we shall enjoy a timba classic, originally by Bamboleo, but performed by a different, yet not any less wonderful, artist.

Sixto Llorente Terry, most well known as “el Indio”, is a true Sonero singer that started his professional career in his home town of Santa Clara in 1973.
He started by performing traditional Cuban music such as Son, Guajira, Cha Cha and others, later also expanding his repertoire to more contemporary genres such as Songo, and later on, Timba.
Together with Orquesta Aliamen he participated in various music festivals throughout the country, such as the¬†‚ÄúAdolfo Guzm√°n‚ÄĚ festival, ‚ÄúFestival del Cha Cha Cha, ‚ÄúCreador Musical‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúAl Son de Mayar√≠‚ÄĚ and the¬†‚ÄúBenny Mor√©‚ÄĚ festival, where he received the Grand Prix.

This wonderful singer is a great example of a talent in high demand, and has worked with many leading groups such as Manolito y Su Trabuco, Tumbao Habana, Pupy y LQSS, Habana de Primera, Mamborama, Azucar Negra and in recent years, the grand Orquesta Reve.
He also won a Latin Grammy in 2001.
In march 2010, el Indio founded his own group, Son del Indio, which since then has released the CDs Lo que Sucede Conviene and Caminanado Voy.

Today we shall enjoy the wonderful timba classic “Ya No Hace Falta” which el Indio performed with Las Nuevas Estrellas de Areito in 2001.


16.12.16 : Maite Hontele y Herencia de Timbiqui – Nochecita

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers.

Today I present you a nice, Timba-like composition which is actually by a Dutch artist that rose to fame… in Colombia!

Granddaughter of musician and composer Andre Hontele, Maite Hontele born at Utrecht, Holland, in 1980, and has been playing the trumpet since the age of 9.
She played at a local band, trying different instruments before settling upon the trumpet.
At her parent’s house you could always hear Cuban and other music, especially Son and Salsa, being played, and thus later on Maite decided to study Latin & Jazz trumpet at the Rotterdam conservatory.

Her first international tour was in 2003, and included Colombia.
This would be a life changing experience, feeling how the Colombian crowd accepts, feels and adores the music.
Visiting the country several years later, Maite moved from Holland to Colombia in 2009, marrying a Colombian musician and also moving her family to the country.
Since that fatal tour in Colombia, Maite got nominated for the Latin Grammy’s best salsa album, played with the Buena Vista Social Club, Isaac Delgado, Ruben Blades, Oscar De Leon and Yuri Buenaventura among others.

Since 2009 Maite released 4 albums –¬†Llego La Mona (2009), Mujer Sonora (2010), Dejame Asi (2013) and Te Voy a Querer (2015).
The composition presented here today is a single, a collaboration with the Colombian band Herencia de Timbiqui, and shares the great vibe often found in contemporary Cuban music.


I wish to express my gratitude to my friend Guy for introducing me to this song and the artist.