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12.01.18 : Andy Gola y Cole Cole – Toma lo Tuyo, Dame lo Mio

Good day dear blog followers, readers and listeners!

Today we shall be enjoying a nice 7 minute long (!) Timba composition from “la epoca del oro”, the 1990s, when Timba was being created by literally everybody in Cuba…

Todays groovy composition is by Andy Gola y Cole Cole, from their 1996 album “live in Havana”.
The band started in 1990 as a general “Latin music” band playing everything from merengue to Guaguanco, and even some non Latin music.

But as the “Timba craze” hit Habana, Andy and co. of 14 talents got on the band wagon, and since then released 4 albums (live in Habana, en Colombia, a and the recent Traigo lo que Te gusta), and performed all over the world, in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Brasil, Canada and Italy, to name a few.

The composition for today is from their 1st album, and is quite smooth and groovy.


05.01.18 : First post of 2018 – the best Timba song of 2017 !

Good day and happy new year to all readers, listeners, blog followers y todos los mantes de la musica Cubana!

2018 has already started, but when making my initial “to do list” of Cuban music for the upcoming weeks, I remembered that there was one amazing Timba composition that came out in 2017, but I did not cover.

Well, if you have been following the charts, you might have guessed that it is a specific composition by Pupy y Los Que Son Son

Pasandola Bien is a perfect Timba composition, if you ask me, of the type that only occasionally comes along a takes the dance floors and music charts as if by storm.
Its tempo is just right, has the well defined and pronounced structure, an ideal balance between its rhythmic and melodic elements, great vocals, clave changes, solos, mambos and other influences of various Cuban genres.

The result is authentic yet modern, and a tremendous hit among Casineros everywhere.

So, here it is…
¡Difruta la musica Cubana, y pasala bien!