25.08.17 : Junito y su Secreto a Voces – El Protagonista (Se Le Fue La Mano)

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!
Today we shall be enjoying a very nice cover version to a Timba classic.

When asking readers of Timba.com to name several memorable Timba compositions many included “el protagonista”, also known as “se le fue la mano” in their answer, and rightfully so;
This great composition, by Bamboleo, comes from “la epoca del oro”, the golden age of Timba, being the mid 1990’s to early 2000’s, a time when this band (and many others) were in their element 24/7, and produced an incredible harvest of great Timba for us fans to enjoy.

This song comes from the amazing 1999 album “ya no hace falta”, and today is presented in the 2005 cover version by a band called Junito y su Secreto a Voces, from their 8 track and highly varied album “bailalo…” .
The lead vocal is by the wonderful Betsy Lopez, and the band is a personal project of Julio Albino, a timbalero who in the past worked with Lalo Rodriguez, Grupo Niche and Frankie Ruiz among others.

So, while definitely not a mighty beast like the original, this cover is quite decent, fun, finely arranged and well executed…

So, here it is… ¡Disfrutala!

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