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Here are couple of ways you can help to grow and develope.

Token of appretiation

You may not know but maintaining a site costs a lot of time and money from my personal budget not less. It's quite a bareble cost and one I'm willing to gladly pay to help the salsa scene and provde information for all dancers. Still, if you want to help a little with the costs it will be greatly appretiated, even if it's just 1 dollar.

Help the site grow

The site is designed for growth and you can help in number of ways.
Do you know a new move that is not presented here? Whether it's a signature move or something you or your favorite club created you may suggest the move and I'll gladly add it.
Did you find an error in one of the moves? Are you a talented web graphic designers or developer and have ideas for the site? Feel free to share it with me.

Tell you friends

Spread the word and tell your friends about whether they are experienced dancers, beginners or might think of giving salsa a try the site is useful for all. All the moves presented here are not copywrited, they are meant to be shared :) so, feel free to teach others. Easiest way would be through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Myspace.