Salsa de Casino Flow Chart

Rueda and cuban salsa is a structured dance. It's not that a dancer must follow the normal flow of the dance, actually expert dancers do just that in order to justify their title. That said, as a salsa instructor I know that a lot beginners in salsa search for some magical flow chart, something that will give an approval of what is allowed to perform and exactly when. Here comes in Costa Shul's flow chart. It's one of a couple takes I have heard over the years for casino style sasla, and the only one Iv'e seen to put up together in a graphic view. So you'll might find it helpful.

Note that you can click on the variations\moves in order to see their full description and video.

If you want to comment Costa directly, or see the flow on his own please visit:

Flow chart by: Costa Shul
Written by: Ido Flaishon