Frequently Asked Questions

Over time couple of questions rose more than other and I enlist them here.
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Reading Moves

>> What is "Eight Count"?
Salsa music is composed of 8 beats and we dance on 6 of them. 1,2,3,5,6,7.The "Eight Counts" represent the length of the move as in how many 8 counts fit into it.

>> What is the difference between "Starts with" and "Based On"?
Both will usually be one of the basic moves of salsa like Enchufla, Sombrero, Setenta etc... Starts with states if the move starts with a known other move. Based On is stating if the move has a strong relation to the move and thus it is kind of Based On it. For exmaple Sombrero Doble is kind of advanced version of Sombrero. Based On moves tends to start with the basic move and thus the Start With and Based On are often the same.

>> Why is this move not a "Rueda Move"? it is totally possible to do it in Rueda.
While almost every (if not all) move can be performed in a Rueda. Rueda move states if it is possible to perform it only in rueda. This happens usually when the move contains at least one element which requires another partner (for example, Cadena), a swap of partners (for example, Festival Balagan), or is just a little bit weird to do in couple dancing (for example, Hombres el Centro). Some moves can be translated to a couple move with creative mind.

>> What is the star that appears next to the first video of each move?
We invest a lot of work in Salsa Lust to create a world standard of salsa. We only upload videos that are accurate to the original move or that is practiced commonly around the world. Within those we upload the movies which we find to be the best quality in terms of, how accurate it is, how well it teaches, quality of the video and the dancing. The best video gets to be first and the star. The other are ordered by their quality.

Searching Moves

>> Can I free search a move?
Yes you can. You can find the search box in the upper right corner of the website.

>> Is there a way to order the moves?
Yes. One click on the property (in the table header) and the moves will be ordered by it going up. another click on it and it will be ordered down.


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