Ever wanted to know how to salsa? Need a remainder of the moves taught in your salsa dance class?
Salsa Lust is just for you! the most comprehensive salsa moves list offered on web.

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New Frequently Asked Questions page
Some questions were repeated by several people so I decided to open a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page).. So check it out and if it leaves any question unanswered you can always ask me directly through the Contact page.

Additionaly I added 2 new descriptions for the following variations:
Siete Setenta and Reverencia.

Also thanks to contribution in the past week for who became quite the regular contributer: Yossi Margoninsky.

Good day to you all :)
Posted on 16 Oct 2011 by Ido Flaishon
Menu update & new descriptions
It's update time and I guess you already see the new menu. I know it's nothing snazzy but I had to change it to allow future new type of content to be in the site. it's the same menu just more compact.

On another note I wrote 4 new descriptions to fill some holes in the Basics and Beginners levels:
Closed Position Basic Steps, Coco Y Coquito, Enchufla Arriba,Festival Dame.

And finally I'd like to thank the people that sent all kind of corrections in the time Iv'e been South America till now: Yossi Margoninsky and Juan.
Posted on 07 Oct 2011 by Ido Flaishon
Back to business
Hola muchachos!

I'm back from South America. Been all around, been a tremendous fun but now I'm back and back for business.

I actually got plans for a big upgrade in Salsa Lust. The only clue I will give for now is that its about a completely new type of content. Hopefully I'll be able to complete it in my next month and a half of freedom.

In the meanwhile regular updates will continue like I promised. So enjoy 2 new variations:
Gancho de Ariel, Copelia Complicado

Hope you didn't have too much of a hard time without me :)
Ido Flaishon.
Posted on 17 Sep 2011 by Ido Flaishon
Latingate movies update
Hello from Nasca, Peru :)

I´m having fun so far, thanks for asking, but I´m actually here for something more important. Since Google Video got closed the latingate movies collection was unavailable. They uploaded the videos to YouTube and now the clips are yet again available in Salsa Lust.

I´m returning in 2-3 months and then regular updates will return.

Hang in there people.
Posted on 05 Jul 2011 by Ido Flaishon

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