Ever wanted to know how to salsa? Need a remainder of the moves taught in your salsa dance class?
Salsa Lust is just for you! the most comprehensive salsa moves list offered on web.

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Weekly update time!
Weekly update time. You though 300 was the maximum reach? Hell no, once again 2 new variations, and 5 new descriptions.

By the way, I really like these new variation. But especially Chica Brutal which is quite funny, perform it gently.

New variations:
Chica Brutal, Garmonio Doble.

New descriptions:
Sombrero Por Debajo, Setenta Viejo, Tornillo, Dame Elegante, Sombrero con Eco.

Best of dances!
Posted on 09 Apr 2011 by Ido Flaishon
300 Variations!!!
Hooray! Salsa Lust now holds 300 variations! (and counting...)

The update is a little late, but better later than ever. Also I fixed the 'variation of the day' section which malfunctioned on the past week.

New variations:
Siete Unisex Complicado, Patin.

New descriptions:
Dame con manos, Yogurt Tres, Tumba Francesa, Sencilla Y Enganala, Directo.

Have a great mid-week :)
Posted on 28 Mar 2011 by Ido Flaishon
Multi-Videos update for the expert level.
Finally finished my "work assigment" if it can even call it like so. But I got my hands free and brought you another multi-video update and now all the variations of Expert level contain all the best videos offered on web.

Have a great
Posted on 19 Mar 2011 by Ido Flaishon
Salsa Lust needs your help
Salsa Lust needs a moment of your time and it will be greatly appreciated.
Salsa Lust link appeared until recently in Wikipedia's Salsa page. Unfortunately the editors dimmed it as spam since I have something called "Conflict of interest" and can't put a link of my own site in Wikipedia, which is somewhat understandable.

I'm not asking much. Just go to the discussion page about salsa in Wikipedia. Down at the end you'll see a section regarding Salsa Lust. Please write there your genuine opinion in regards to the relevance of the Salsa Lust link on the page. Once again, I ask of you, don't write a positive response as a favor please try and keep it genuine. You can add a comment by clicking "edit" to the right of the "Salsa Lust linking" title.

This week there probably won't be any update unfortunately as my work assignment keeps me apart from my computer and internet in general. Sorry about that.

Thanks :)
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Posted on 09 Mar 2011 by Ido Flaishon

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