Ever wanted to know how to salsa? Need a remainder of the moves taught in your salsa dance class?
Salsa Lust is just for you! the most comprehensive salsa moves list offered on web.

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New "Style Performance" Section.
Salsa Lust proud to present the new "Style Performance" section

Until now Salsa Lust's main goal was to gather and organize public known and uniuqe variations. The goal is not yet at its finish line. But as all of we dancers realize sooner or later, variations are fun and all but they are far from being the heart of a good dance.

So what is new? I opened entirely new section that holds performance videos with high relevance to *style* improvance. They are all catagorized by elements or dance style and got highlights that you can take a snap look or repeated look at the interesting parts.
The database itself is quite small still but it'll grow with time (with your help if you want).

So, please do enjoy. Feel free to comment or email me about you thoughts regarding the section.

If you want to be a part of the Salsa Lust project and review style performance regularly or irregualrly, please contact me.

Hope you like it, spread the word!
Posted on 12 Nov 2011 by Ido Flaishon
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