Back Rocks




Back rocks

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Cumbia Step, Step 3


Back Rocks are a very common footwork pattern that many variations in salsa use. It used the same by both girls and boys just in opposite directions. Like all basic moves as dancers become more advance a more stylish performance is done however there is no distinct popular way to style this move and it's really up to the dancer how to shine. This movement however is easily emphasizing weight shifting and girls tend to exaggerate hip movement for more sensual movement. Boys should try and avoid doing the same as it sometimes come naturally.
The Steps:
1. On 1 move your free foot (boys with left, girls with right) backwards behind their other foot and place it in approximately 45 degrees and shift the weight as well.
2. On 2 move your next foot (boys with right, girls with left) forward on the same 45 degrees path, again shift the weight as well.
3. On 3 match your next foot (boys with left, girls with right) with your previous foot, and once again remember to shift weight.
5. On 5 6 7 The movement repeats in opposite direction and opposite feet.
This movement of course can be used endlessly and some moves like Enchufala Doble or El Uno use it more than once.