Hombres Derecha Izquierda




Men to the right left

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Signaling with the hand to the right like a traffic policeman.

Eight Counts:



The variation can take place only in Hombres El Centro position.
Leaders on 1-2-3, followers on 5-6-7, all dancers move 3 steps counter clock wise, over the current Rueda partner to the next Rueda partner. A cantante can call “hombres Derecha” for leaders, “Mujeres Derecha” for followers, or both, calling “Hombres Y Mujeres Derecha” although it is much more common to use the hombres variation.
If the cantante wants the Dancers to move left, the move will be the same, just to the left, and the cantante will call “Hombres Izquerda”, “Mujeres Izquerda” or “Hombres Y Mujeres Izquerda”.