Treinta Y Tres




Thirty three

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Place both hands in the center of the Rueda, and point with the 3 middle fingers in both hands, signing "33" that way.

Starts With:

Hombres Derecha

Based On:

Hombres Dereche

Eight Counts:



This is another move for the Hombres El Centro configuration. It consists of 3 consecutive counts of Hombres Derecha & Mujeres Izquerda.
On 1-2-3 of each count the leaders move to the right, to get in between the 1st next and the 2nd next followers, and perform the 5-6-7 of the Basic Step.
Followers perform 1-2-3 of the Basic Step, and on 5-6-7 move to the left, getting between 2 previous leaders. This is performed 3 times.