Spining toy

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Eight Counts:



Trompo Del Mundo, El Tunnel


The move starts with a Fin (Sombrero during which the left arm stays low). On 5-6-7 leader leads the follower to switch places and continue the circular motion.
On the 2nd count perform an Enchufala on 1-2-3, and bring the hands to the right side on 5-6-7, so they are in front of the follower, leading the follower to a slight tilt to the right.
On the 3rd count perform a Dile Que No, getting the follower to go behind leaders back, as in Paseala Complicado.
O n the 4th count continue this motion , but on 5-6-7 get both hands over the follower while the follower is passing to the left.
On the 5th count, continue circular motion and perform a right turn under both arms.
On the 6th count keep moving in circular motion and perform a second right turn, this time only under the left arm, thus going back up again.
On the 7th count perform an Enchufala with the hand by hand ending.