Enchufala Vampiro




Plug in vampire

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Make a "packman" like movement with your hand, as tough it is eating something

Starts With:

Enchufla Y Dame

Based On:

Enchufla Y Dame

Eight Counts:



Start with an Enchufala Y Dame, but don’t move to the next follower. Instead, do a wave motion to one side (leaders start to the right, followers to the left) and clap your hands on 3, then to the other side, and clap your hands on 7. While doing the wave, look at your partner (this should be done at all time while dancing Salsa). End it with a Dile Que No with the next partner who should be on the leaders right side. if you like, making the variation 3 counts long. But most cantantes call at least 2 counts of the wave motion.