Beso Complicado




Complicated kiss

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Close your hand with all fingers straight and kiss the tip of the fingers followed by pointing a finger to the had and spining it like a madman.

Starts With:


Based On:


Eight Counts:



Perform the first 3 counts of Beso, but don’t let go of the hands after the “crossed hand ending”, but rather get them to waist level on 8.
Perform a Dile Que No, during which the leader raises its right arm high, so the follower can encircle the leader on the 4th count at the end of which, the couple gets back to Guapea position, while their right arms are pointing to the inside.
On the 5th count leader leads a Vacilala from this position, so the follower gets out first and the leader right after.
On 5-6-7 switch places to get (yet again!) to Guapea position, and perform an Alarde if you wish.
The 6th count is an Enchufala which ends with the “crossed hands ending”.
Note: counts 4-6 are actually the move Paseala Complicado. So this move can be narrated this way; “perform a Beso, then go directly into Paseala Complicado”.