Beso Por De Bajo




Kiss from below

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Close your hand with all fingers straight and kiss the tip of the fingers followed by pointing with the index finger downwards.

Starts With:


Based On:

Beso Complicado

Eight Counts:



Start the move like Beso on the 1st and 2nd counts, and on the 1-2-3 of the 3rd count. Don’t finish the Beso, but proceed into an Exhibela on the 4th count. On the 5-6-7 of the 4th count, the leader goes down, switching places with the follower while performing ¼ of a left turn, giving the follower Contra for a Sombrero on 7.
On the 5th count, perform a Sombrero with left arms staying low, and leaders right arm going of followers neck on 5-6, and back between the leader and follower on 7-8.
The 6th count is an Enchufala con Vuelta.
On the 7th count, perform a Dile Que No from this position, with leaders giving the followers Contra on 7 for another Vacilala.
On the 8th count, perform a back to back turn on 1-2-3, and an Alarde on the follower on 5-6-7 while switching places (this count is similar to the main element of Colon).
The 9th count is an Enchufala with the Sombrero crossed hands hold.