El uno complicado




The complicated one

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

The sign of one with the pointing finger followed by spining a finger near the head lklike a madman

Starts With:

El Uno

Based On:

El Uno

Eight Counts:



Start with 2 counts of El Uno.
On the 3rd count continue with El Uno but instead of a cross hands ending perform a Vuelta leaving your left hand below and put your right hand on your right shoulder.
From here continue with the first four counts of Sombrero De Regnier:
4th count is Balsero,
5h count is Coca Cola held with two hands that goes right from the cross hand position you finished the Balsero with.
6th, 7th, and 8th counts are the last three counts of Paseala Complicado (starting with the Paseala Abajo), finish it yet again with cross hands ending.
On the 9th count perform a Dile Que No while still holding both hands.On the 3-4-5 place down your left hand and arch it behind the follower's back. this should place you back to El Uno position.
On the 10th count continue with the Back Rocks of El Uno.
On the 11th countlike in the 3rd count you perform the end of El Uno regularly with Enchufala but end it in a Vuelta and drop the left hand and thus end in a Dile Que No position with right to right hand hold.