El Gancho De Maykel




Maykel hook

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Starts With:


Eight Counts:



Start with a Lento back to back (as in Dedo Complicado), on the 5-6-7 leader performs a vuelta turn and Engancha with the right on the 7.
On the 2nd count, the leader places the right hand on the followers back, and while moving in a circle, moves the follower around clockwise, and catches the left hand to get into a left to left hold on 7.
On the 3rd count, the follower performs a right turn on 1-2-3, and the leader a Giro turn on 5-6-7, with an Engancha with the left.
On the 4th count the leader moves the left hand to the followers back, and moves the follower to the left on 1-2-3, than leads a Coca Cola left turn on 5-6-7 while turning back to the follower, right shoulder backwards (letting go of the hold on 5).