Sea Gull

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Starts With:


Eight Counts:



1st count is the same as in Balsero.
2nd count starts like Beso, only with both hands staying high. Also, on 6-7 the leader starts turning left and going down.
On the 3rd count, keep turning and going down (important! leader steps in place most of the time. Follower must keep the circular motion at all times, especially here) on 1-2-3, and after the follower passes the leader, leader should go up, allowing the follower to proceed with the circular motion, thus creating a slight turn to the right.
On the 4th count, leader proceeds turning the follower, and simultaneously gets closer to the follower. By the end of the 4th count, the follower should have performed 2.5 turns to the right in total, and the couple should be in close, tight turning position, with both arms on the followers neck, elbows pointing up (and even a bit backwards).
From here, perform 2 counts of Tight Turning.
* Please note that the ending of the move is just for unity and classification. You can go on and do as many counts of Tight Turning as you wish.