Sombrero De Guano




Guano hat

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Eight Counts:



Start with a Sombrero on 1-2-3, right hand staying high, and going on the followers neck. On 5-6-7 perform an Alarde.
2nd count is an Enchufala con Vuelta with the leaders right hand staying high and left hand going low, folding behind the back.
3rd and 4th counts are like in Paseala Complicado, with the leaders right hand coming up to the followers neck on the 5-6-7 of the 4th count.
On the 5th count the leader (carefully!) circles the follower, gradually removing the right hand from the neck, turning the follower ½ a right turn, and going back a bit into Beso.
On the 6th count continue the Beso.
On the 7th count, perform an Enchufala con Vuelta, this time with the Vuelta under both of the leaders arms.
On the 8th count, leader places the left hand on the left shoulder, and performs a Dile Que No with ¾ of a left turn, going straight into Guapea by catching the followers right land with the left hand.