La Amore




The love

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Eight Counts:



On the 1st count, perform a Vacilala from parallel hold. On 5-6-7 leader performs a half left turn, raising the right arm and going under it, with the left arm staying on the neck.
On the 2nd count, on 1-2-3 the leader also performs an Engancha with the right arm, having the followers elbow inside. On 5-6-7 the leader performs a Vuelta.
On the 3rd count, perform an Enchufala con Vuelta with the left hand staying low.
On the 4th count, perform an Enchufala back to back with a Vuelta on 5-6-7.
On the 5th count perform an Enchufala, and on 5-6-7 bring both arms over the follower, lowering them to waist level.
On the 6th count, on 1, quickly let go of the hold, and catch right to right and left to left, on 2-3 open the to the sides (drawing an imaginary heart shape in the air with your hands), on 5-6-7 lead the follower to do 1.5 traveling left turns.