El Duque




The duke

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

An open hand that the humb and fingers tips are touching to make a D

Eight Counts:



The move starts with a Fin (Sombrero in which left hands stay low), on the 1st count.
On the 2nd count, switch hands from right to right and left to left, to left to right and right to left, while the hands remain in the same position they were at the end of the 1st count (important!!!).
On the 3rd count, perform an Enchufala from this position, getting both hands above the follower on 1-2-3, and a Vuelta on 5-6-7.
On the 4th count, perform a Dile Que No, with leader going down on one knee on 5-6-7, thus coming out of the “wrap”.
On the 5th count perform and Enchufala on 1-2-3, and go under the left hand on 5-6-7.
On the 6th count perform an Enchufala back to back on 1-2-3, and a ½ left turn to get to parallel hold.
On the 7th count, perform and Enchufala that ends with the right arm around the follower.