El Duque Loco




The crazy duke

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

An open hand that the humb and fingers tips are touching to make a D followed by spining the finger near the head like a madman.

Eight Counts:



This move is the same as El Duque for 7 counts (remember that you finish El Duque with the “wrap” of the follower).
The 8th count is an Exhibela.
The 9th count starts with an Exhibela on 1-2-3, and on 5-6-7 leader performs a left turn, with Engancha of the left arm.
This goes on to the 10th count, in which the leader put on the right Engancha, removes the left one and turns right, bringing both hands above the head.
The 11th count is an Enchufala.