An abbreviation of the Hebrew name "Nofar"

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

An arched open hand makes a small dive like going on a hill followed by a straightning the arm downwards with a fist.

Starts With:


Eight Counts:



At the end of this move the leader and follower switch roles!
It’s recommended that both leader and follower know at least the basics of the other role for this move. 
The 1st count is the same as Setenta.
On the 2nd count perform an Enchufala con Vuelta.
On the 3rd count, the leader goes under the arms and back a bit, to perform an Enchufala on 5-6-7.
On the 4th count the leader performs a Dile Que No, during which on 1-2-3 the right arm goes on the follower, and on 5-6-7 it goes off, while the follower performs ¾ of a right turn.
On the 5th count the leader performs a Dile Que No at the end of which both hands are on the leader on 1-2-3, and on 5-6-7 the follower performs ½ a turn right, and gets the right hand on leaders back. The leader puts left hand on followers shoulder.
On the 6th count the leader moves as though the follower is performing the Dile Que No (!!!), while moving the follower with left hand.
On the 7th count this happens again, but now the follower does lead the Dile Que No (thus the role switch).