Beso Loco




Crazy kiss

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Close your hand with all fingers straight and kiss the tip of the fingers followed by pointing a finger to the had and spining it like a madman.

Starts With:


Based On:


Eight Counts:



Start with a Beso on the 1st count, and on 1-2-3 of the 2nd count. On 5-6-7 of the 2nd count, leaders perform a left turn, going under the followers (and their own) hands.
On the 3rd count, leader switches places with follower, while moving both arms above follower (as in Trompo) on 1-2-3, and gets out by performing ½ a right turn under the right arm.
On the 4th count, perform a Fin (Sombrero with the left hands staying low), and the leaders right hand going on the followers neck on 5-6-7.
On the 5th count the leader goes around the follower, circling the follower, also with the left arm, and removes the right arm of the followers neck by 6-7, while already being on the followers left side.
On the 6th count, on 1-2-3, leader lowers left arm all the way behind the back, while leading an Exhibela with the right hand. On 5-6-7, leader goes to the followers right side, getting out by going under the right arm.
The 7th count in an Enchufala with a Sombrero crossed hands ending.