Enchufala Doble




Plug in twice

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn followed by the sign of two with the fingers.

Starts With:


Based On:


Eight Counts:



Enchufala Doble is a very similar move to Enchufala and it seems like an Enchufala, backwards Enchufala and Enchufala again. With the feet both partners are using mostly the back rocks steps.
The Steps:
1. On 1 2 3 an Enchufala is preformed, with back rocks steps. On the 3 the leader stops the follower with his right hand on his follower's left shoulder.
 2. On 4 5 6 the leader pushes with his right hand the follower's back so she would turn with her left shoulder forward (a clockwise turn) simultaneously the leader is turning his partner with the the left hand in a clockwise motion, and continues with the back rocks steps. This all movement seems like you are regretting the Enchufala and trace it back since now you are on the same place you started.
 3. On 3 both partners taking the back foot and return it to the middle back to the beginning form. Leaders with the left foot, and followers with the right foot.
 4. On the next eight beats an Enchufala is preformed.
This is the official way to perform Enchufala Doble, however in couple dancing you can repeat the first eight beats as long as you want.