Cuban Guapea




Looks good with style

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


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Eight Counts:



A more correct way (one of many) to perform the Guapea. Concerning the feet, the order of the steps is the same as always; left-right-left, right-left-right for leaders, and right-left-right, left-right-left for followers.
On 1 make a small step backwards (with a slight tilt left right according to which part you are dancing) or in place.
On 2 make a large, a bit “sliding”, step forward and to your respectful side, moving closer to each other.
On 3 get the other foot close to the one that just made a step.
On 4 you may add a Tap of some sort, or just pause.
On 5 step forward and with a slight tilt to your respectful side, providing appropriate Contra to your partner. This is a small to medium size step.
On 6 step to your respectful side, almost returning your foot to the starting position. This is a larger step.
On 7 bring the other foot close to the one that took the previous step, getting back to the starting position.
On 8 perform a Tap if you like, or just pause.
Styling with the hands: with its left hand, the leader should lead to the direction the follower will be moving in the next step(s). An effective and nice looking way to do so is to lead the Guapea with circular, inside wise movements of the leaders left hand, as though drawing a small circle on an imaginary “mirror plain” between the leader and the follower.
Note; this is just one way to add style to the Guapea basic step, and there are many more for you to find out and make up on your own!