Tight Turning




Tight turning

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Eight Counts:



The move starts with an Enchufala, Vacilala, Prima, or any other move that will get the couple to be facing each other.
On 5-6-7 of the 1st count, when coming towards each other, the leader places it’s right leg between the followers legs, thus creating a mutual “axis of rotation”. The leader must put its right hand in the middle of the followers back, proving a frame and a lot of support. The follower must place its left hand on the leaders posterior (back) shoulder, providing a frame and some support at that point. Both partners lean back A LITTLE BIT. This gives mutual balance and insured there is equal support from both leader and follower. By the end of the 1st count the couple must already start  moving clock wise. The movement is done this way; the leader moves its left leg clock wise, leading the follower to move clock wise. This is done on 1, 3, 5 and 7. The follower moves its left leg after the leader, performing small steps clock wise. Thus the couple keeps turning “as a single moiety” for as many as the leader wishes