Closed Position Basic Steps




Closed Position Basic Steps

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Basic Steps

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Closed Position Mambo Steps


Close position basic steps is one of the most common moves and can be seen used with the same amount by beginners and masters alike.
The foot steps are just the same as Salsa's Basic Steps.
The difference is the "Frame" of the upper body:
With the right hand leaders firmly hold the follower's back. It should be placed middle upper back (aproximatly where the bra's hook will be found). The follower's left arm should be placed gracefully over the leader's left arm, while the hand gracefully griping the leader's shoulder (as if its there for support...and sometimes it does).
The leader's left and follower's right hand are held together. The follower's had grips the thumb of the leader. The arms suppose to be adjacent like that the elbows will or almost will touch.
* This is the classic and appropriate way to perform a close position basic steps. The are many varities either to steps or to upper body "Frame" for styling or comfort.