Coca Cola al Reves




Backwards caca cola

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

A fist with the thumb and pinky up and place it near the mouth like you are drinking from a can followed by placing an open hand behind the back.

Based On:

Coca Cola

Eight Counts:





Coca Cola al Reves starts in Dile Que No position which you may enter by any means such as Enchufala, Vacilala and many more.
The 1st count starts just like a normal Coca Cola. On 1-2-3 perform the first three steps of Dile Que No. On 5-6-7 the moves differ from a regular Coca Cola and instead of turning the follower to her left, the leader lead the follower straight ahead on 5-6 and On 7 twist her to right by leading the follower's right hand over her head from the right. Followers should listen carefully as this type of movement is usually less natural to the Cuban dancer, The three steps are always straight head but On 7 make a half turn right.
The 2nd count is Dile Que No, however just like in regular Coca Cola On 1-2-3 the gap is quite large and leader should take large steps making half a circle around the follower. On 5-6-7 continue the Dile Que No.
* To LA dancers this variation might resemble "Walkthrough".