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There are many kind of dips in salsa and the one presented here is just the most simple and basic one. Dips are usually used in the end of a song for a romantic song. They are also very common used when the music breaks, then a quick dip matches the break nicely.

Starting from Closed Position On 1 the leaders creates a tension with his left-right hand hold just like in Enchufala (A common mistake is to perform a Dile Que No). On 2-3 Leaders pull the followers towards them, positioning the followers vertically to their bodies. The right hand continues to hold firmly the followers back and the left-right hand hold is often dropped in favor of supporting the follower’’s right shoulder or head. Followers left hand hold firmly the leader right shoulder for the extra support if needed. Their right hand is usually free and can be added for extra styling.

On 5-6 followers completely shift the weight to their right leg and bend their right leg. The right leg is reaches forward floating on the floor. This technique lower the body, there is no need to arch your back whatsoever. Also there is need to lean on the follower back. Followers can control how big of a drop the dip will be, and as long as it subtle there is no real need for the leaders support, the entire weight is on the right foot.

On 5-6 leaders take a step left with their left foot, shifting their weigh to it, and bend their knee. This technique lower the body mass and allow the girls to make their dip. For a deeper dip leaders take a larger step to the left. Don't forget keeping the hand formation in place for support if needed be. Try not to arch the back and keep it straight when subtly leaning towards the followers in the dip.

On 7 followers straight their knee, go up and turn to their leaders back to Closed Position. Leaders go up as well and link their left foot back.