Show her off

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Place your index finger under your left eye

Based On:

Side Rocks

Eight Counts:



Exhibala, Sacala, Aspirina simple, Hecho


This is the Cuban way to do a right turn of the follower. To start an Exhibela you would usually get to Dile Que No position, but you can also start it from Guapea position.On 1 the leader slightly pushes the follower back and to the right. This is the lead. Follower steps in place On 1 with right foot. On 2 goes forward, and a bit in a clock wise angle with left foot.On 3 steps with right foot a bit to the right, thus performing ½ a right turn.On 5 follower steps with left foot towards the leader, making about ¼ of a turn.On 6 follower steps with right foot close to the leader, thus completing the remaining ¼ of the turn.On 7 follower steps with left foot almost in place, returning to the starting position.Follower should imagine walking around something in a circle. The lead comes On 1, when leader leads the follower to start the turn, and during the whole turn, slightly moving the follower around clock wise. Another point critical to the lead is On 5, when leader should slightly pull follower towards it. Lead should be very gentle. Note to leaders! Don’t spin, don’t turn, just “escort” the follower during the turn.