Estrella Complicada




Complicated Star

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Based On:

Coca Cola

Eight Counts:



Esterella Complicada starts in a parallel hand hold.
On the 1-2-3 of the 1st count perform a Siete. Leaders left hand stay low, while his right hand go above the follower's head. On 5-6-7 make perform a Siete to the other side and this time leader's keep his right hand low and take his left hand above the follower's head.
On the 2nd count leaders drop his left hand and lead the follower to two Vacilala turns with his right hand. This should be done quickly. like most elements in the variation. On 7-8 the leader should finish the turn with Engancha.
On the 3rd count using the right arm that is in Engancha the leaders lead a Coca Cola (by pushing followers left arm backwards).
On the 4rd count start with Dile Que No on 1-2-3. On 5-6-7 leaders drop the right hand. Followers should try making a left turn but leaders should stop the turn. This is done by blocking the follower with the right hand on the follower's right shoulder.
On the 5th count the leader gives to the follower a little push backwards and both the leader and follower perform two Vueltas turn.