Son Tornillo




Son screw

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Eight Counts:

Se Fue


This move is a classic move of the traditional Cuban Son dance, once performed only by top notch professional dancers, but today an integral part of many Casino Masters in Cuba and around the world. The move requires the leader to be in shape, especially to have strong legs, great balance, and a good pair of dancing shoes (also a decent floor that you can slide on, of course). The follower is required to perform circular motion all the time. In the recent 20 years, the move became unisex, with the follower being in the center, and the leader walking around, leading. The move consists of the follower walking in circles around the leader, while the leader stops moving, and gradually goes down on the left leg, balancing on the point of the foot. The leader can go down to a “sitting” position, extend the right leg forward, or even flatten to a “board” position, all of this while keeping balance. To get back up, the leader slowly rises, using the right leg, going behind the left until touching the floor. Then the leader rises like a screw turning right. In the followers version, most followers just stay on one leg in a “ballerina” position, although some perform the same move as the leaders do…