Bayamo en Coche




Bayamo by car (city in Cuba)

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Eight Counts:



Start the 1st count with a Setenta, placing leaders left arm on leaders neck on 5-6-7.On the 2nd count, leaders move to the right, placing the left arm In an Engancha on 1-2-3, and moving forward, to the center of the Rueda, on 5-6-7.On the 3rd count, the couples move back on 1-2-3, and forward on 5-6-7. For style, do small kicks in the air when moving forward, on 3, with the corresponding feet.On the 4th count, move forward again on 1-2-3, and on 5-6-7 leaders release the Engancha, and turn a ½ turn right, getting to Setenta position.On the 5th count, perform and Enchufala, switching hold to right to right only, on 1-2-3. On 5-6-7, leaders move to the center of the Rueda, placing all the left arms in its center.On the 6th count, leaders lead an Exhibela, and place their right arms on the followers shoulders on 6-7.From here start walking in a counter-clockwise manner until the Cantante calls “Se Fue”. When the Cantante calls “Se Fue”, on 5-6-7 of the next count, leaders lead the followers to an Enchufala like left turn from that position, thus the couples end up facing each other (followers are facing leaders in each of the couples).On the next several counts, until the Cantante calls “Se Fue”, perform basic step 3 (“Backrocks”, like in El Uno). On the count after the Cantante calls “Se Fue”, perform an Enchufala con Vuelta.On the next count, do not perform a regular Dile Que No, but perform “Mata La Cucaracha”, to signal that the move has ended, and that you have reached your destination, Bayamo! :)