Ola Brava




Slang for Tsunami

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Starts With:


Eight Counts:



Starts with Lento in the 1st count, ending with a right elbow Engancha on 5-6-7.Dile Que No on 1-2-3 of the 2nd count, all the time leading the follower to move around in a counter-clockwise manner.For the 3rd count leader now brings the left arm all the way to the front, while the follower is already behind the leader. Important! left arm must now be below the right arm. From here, on 5-6-7, the leader releases the right arm, raises it on the neck.On the 4th count, leader gets the left arm over the follower, all the way down to the followers front, to be followed by the right arm that does exactly the same way (!). Now the right arm is above the left. Switch the arm position so the right arm is above the left, and start getting it up, over the follower.This already goes into the 5th count, to the 1-2-3 of that count. On 5-6-7, leader turn the follower to the right, and turns to the left at the same time… notice: this move requires a good sense of timing, and precise performance of the hand work mentioned.