El Zorro




The Fox

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Starts With:

Enchufla Doble

Eight Counts:



Start by performing Enchufala Doble con Vuelta on the 1st and 2nd counts.

On the 3rd count perform an Exhibela. On 7 leaders catch with their right hand the follower's left hand and place it quickly and gently behind the follower's back.

On the 4th count perform a Coca Cola lead normally by the left hand. On 5 after the leading, leaders drop the left-right hold. On 6 the follower should be facing the leader wrapped in his right arm. At this point exactly, leaders should take hold of the follower's left hand with their own left hand. This is done behind the followers back. When the left-left hand hold is complete, leaders drop their right-left hold. From follower's point of view, it's a simple Coca Cola and the turn doesn't stop even for one beat.

On the 5th count while still in left-left hold, perform a Giro turn followed by Lento. The main focus should be that the leading of the Lento should be complete consecutive. While leaders turn below their left arm, they start leading the followers to their Lento from above your head. This is done normally by a slight pull forward and to the direction of the turn, in this case anti clockwise.