Dile Que No




Tell her no

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Dile Que No is one of the basic moves and is done usually to switch side with the girl. In Ruedas it is one of the most common moves as almost every variation is ending with it, to return the participators to the right place (boy's right shoulder to the center of the circle. Usually starts from closed formations, boys right handing holding to the girl's back shoulder and grabbing the right hand with their left hands, but this is not a must and there are lots of variations to this basic formation. This move is sometimes called a Cross Body Lead which is the LA salsa version to Dile Que No, but they are both very similiar.
The Steps:
As mentioned earlier the Dile Que No usually starts from the close formation position. Boys right handing holding to the girl's back shoulder and grabbing the right hand with their left hands.
1. On 1 the boy is moving his left foot forward but almost in the same place, simultaneously pushing the girl backwards with his left hand. Girls move their right foot backwards, but yet again almost at the same place.
2. On 2 both partners moving the next foot in place. Boys with the right foot, girls with the left foot. The boy's foot should be placed about 90 degrees to the girl.
3. On 3 boys move their left foot backwards to match the right foot. The intention is to be 90 degrees to the girl and move backwards enough to give the girl a straight moving space. Simultaneously the boy is giving a small contra with his left to hand as if he were to say stop here. The girl is moving her right foot forward but still behind the left foot and a bit to the right to find the straight moving space and not tripping on the boy's foot.
4. A pause.
5. On 5 the boys step with the right foot on ground and pushing the girl's back with their right hand. The left hand stops leading but still intact. The girls move their left foot forward.
6. On 6 the boys step with the left foot on ground but turning it about 90 degrees left. The girls move their right leg forward and to the left passing their left foot. The foot should turn a bit to the left as the girl is about to make a turn.
7. On 7 the boys match their right foot with their left facing their girl. The girls moving their left foot forward while turning with the left shoulder backwards and thus the girl is now facing the boy.
8. A pause.
The right hand on the back can be removed on the 6-7 beat if wishing to go back to Guapea mode or any other move that starts in open formation.