La Pelota Loca




The ball got crazy

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Make a sign as though dribbling a basketball , followed by the sigh "crazy", which is placing your index finger near your right temple, and making a circular motion with it.

Eight Counts:



During this move all 8 beats of the count are used. Like La Pelota, this moves starts after a Dame move or in Hombres El Centro Configuration. Do the following; step on 1, clap on 2, step on 3, clap on 4, step on 5, and then clap 3 times consecutively on 6, on 7 and on 8. If referring to stomping sounds as “tum” and clapping sounds as “pa”, it should sound something like “tum pa, tum pa, tum pa pa pa”, with NO INTERVALS between any of the sounds.