Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Closing and the opening the fist twice.

Eight Counts:

Se Fue


This is a Rueda move that consists of all the dancers clapping hands by touching each other. Clap your hands on 1. Then leaders turn right, and followers left, thus the whole Rueda is now in a configuration when the dancers are facing each other. On 3 clap with the partner you are facing, then return to face the center of the Rueda. On 5 clap your hands, and then face the other side, opposite to the one you faced before, and on 7 clap with the partner you are facing, and return to the center. Continue until the cantante calls “se fue”, which means “enough”. Then do a Dile Que no on the next count. Typically there are at least 2 counts of Palmas, although you can go on performing this move as much as you wish.