Media / Un Fly




Average / Named after a move in basketball

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Pointing with the index finger upwards and a bit toward the center of the circle.

Eight Counts:



After the cantante calls “Un fly”, continue Guapea. The fly, which is a hand clap comes on the 1st beat of the next count. Leaders move inside the Rueda, followers outside  the Rueda, while clapping their hands, and return to the Rueda perimeter by the 3rd beat. Then continue the 2nd half of Guapea. The hand clap can be done at different heights; thus if the cantante calls “Media”, the hand clap will be done at about the height of the dancers waist.
Un Fly is known for many variations like Un Fly doble which means clap your hand twice on thee 1st and 2nd beat, clapping your the hands with fellow dancers making a high five or many more crazy ideas that cantane can think of.