Tiempo Espana




Spanish tempo

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn followed with a "stop" sign with the hand.

Based On:

Basic Steps

Eight Counts:



May start with any move that gets you to closed basic step hold, such as an Enchufala or a Vacilala.
This move is performed on one count and then basic step in place is commenced, until the Cantante (Rueda leader) calls another move. The leader can call different Rueda moves, such as “arriba” – start moving forward, counter clock wise, “abajo” – start moving backwards, clock wise, “taro” – leaders move to the next partner in one count (can be performed both arriba and abajo, changing partners forward or back), “dikiri” – all leaders let go of their left hand holding the followers right hand, move them over the followers right hand, and grab the right hand of the next follower. On the next count the leader gently pulls the next follower towards itself, and the follower comes to the leader. Both proceed in closed hold. “se fue” – when the cantante wants to return back to Guapea, it calls “se fue”, which means “enough”. At the next count all couples perform a Dile Que No and get back to Guapea.