Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Eight Counts:

Se Fue


This is a Rueda move that can last quite a while. It starts by all dancers in the Rueda grabbing hands on 5-6-7 after the Cantante called the move. Then, start performing Enchufala both on 1-2-3 and on 5-6-7 of each count once to the follower which is to the left of a specific leader, and once on the right.
The Cantante can call “hombres”, and then on 1-2-3 perform an Enchufala, and on 5-6-7 the leaders do an incomplete Vuelta, turning until they see the outside of the Rueda.
When the Cantante calls “se fue” leaders perform an Enchufala, and on 5-6-7 place their right hands on their necks, putting them from the inside of the Rueda. Then the whole Rueda stars walking clock wise. The Cantante might “breake” the Rueda by letting go of the follower in front of it, and going in a random direction. After a while, the Rueda should regain its circular shape.
Also, the Cantante can start clapping its hands in the air, so the whole Rueda joins in. the move ends when the Cantante calls a Dile Que No.