Para El Medio




Couple toward center

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Based On:

Tiempo Espana

Eight Counts:



Starts from a Tiempo Espana position, or any move leading to this position, such as an Enchufala or a Vacilala. The move is performed for at least 2 counts at any Rueda, but goes on until the cantante calls another move. The couple steps into the Rueda on each 5-6-7, and out of the Rueda on each 1-2-3. This is because of the way Casino (Cuban Salsa) and Rueda De Casino are danced more traditionally at Cuba – Contra Tiempo.While moving into the Rueda, all the leaders shout something, and while moving out of the Rueda, all the followers repeat. A typical shout would be something like “ehhhhhh”, but any shout, word or phrase the cantante chooses can be used.