Abanico Complicado




Complicated fan

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Fan yourself with your right hand serving as the hand held fan followed by pointing a finger to the had and spining it like a madman.

Starts With:


Based On:


Eight Counts:



Start with the 1st count of Abanico.
On 1-2-3 of the 2nd count, the leader moves its left hand all the way down, behind his back, by tilting slightly to the left (if it’s too uncomfortable, you can let go of the hand and just catch it again behind your back).
On 5-6-7 the leader turns the follower clock wise, as in Abanico, but doesn’t let go of the hands.
On the 3rd count, from this tied up situation, perform an Enchufala on 1-2-3.
On 5-6-7 the leader goes under both its arms to get back to Guapea position.
The 4th count is a Fin (Sombrero, while lowering the left hand)

There is no real consensus over the world as to how to end Abanico Complicado. Some just continue to Dile Que No, some add a Coca Cola, and some even stray from the original version and instead of the Fin perform a Balsero.