El Doce




The twelve

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

The sign of one with the index finger, followed by the sighn of two with the middle fingers.

Starts With:

El Uno

Eight Counts:

Se Fue


Start by performing 2 counts of El Uno.
On the 3rd count, perform the 1st count of El Dos.
Perform another 2 counts of El Dos.
On the 6th count perform an Enchufala Con Vuelta.
On the 7th & 8th counts perform a Coca Cola.
* This is the timed version of El Doce. In many cases in Rueda the variation is delayed twice until the Cantane calls "Se Fue". The first time is right on the beginning, continue the Backrocks withEl Uno, when called "Se Fue" get to El Dos position and once again continue the Backrocks until once again the Cantane calls "Se Fue". Afterwards the variation continues normally, Enchufala Con Vuelta followed byCoca Cola.