Coca Cola Por Atras




Coca cola from behind

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

A wave backwards followed by A fist with the thumb and pinky up and place it near the mouth like you are drinking from a can and then a wave backwards again.

Starts With:

Dile que no

Based On:

Coca Cola

Eight Counts:



Goes just like a Coca Cola for the 1st count except that the leader place his left hand on the follower right shoulder and leads from there.On 5-6-7 the hand slowly goes drops to the follower's right hip.
On the 2nd count, on 1-2-3, the follower switch side behind the leader (that leads through the hip). By the 3 beat the leader reaches with its right hand forward on 3. Follower must take leaders hand! This is another Coca Cola! Right after taking the followers hand, leader leads the Coca Cola (by taking the follower left hand backwards) and then releasing the follower. After that perform a Dile Que No to get to the Guapea position.