Three Way Stop




Three points

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

The sign of three with the hand followed by placing an open hand to the side of the head facing toward the dancing mate and making a quick side wave.

Starts With:


Eight Counts:



Tres Puntos


Start ½ a count of Siete. On 4 leader stops follower by placing hands on followers shoulders, facing its back. On 5-6-7 leader turns follower ½ a turn left, still holding the shoulders, so now both partners are facing each other.
On the 2nd count leader turns follower ½ a turn to the left again, walking 3 steps back to let the follower move forward during the turn (the turn is not in place, it is a “traveling turn”), and on 5-6-7 another ½ turn to the right, walking 3 steps forward, towards the follower.
On the 3rd count, on 1-2-3, the leader turns the follower ½ a turn left again by the shoulders, but on 5-6-7 turn the follower a Coca Cola (1.5 turns).
The 4th count is a Dile Que No, like in any move that has the Coca Cola element in it.