Juana La Cubana




The Cuban Juana (girl's name)

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:


Starts With:


Eight Counts:



Sombrero Del Cuco


Juana La Cubana is composed of common moves and by learning all of them first it should pose no real problem. It is however a bit hard to lead at first between the second and the third eight counts. Also note that hands are held throughout all the variation.
The Steps:
1. On the first eight count make a Sombrero.
2. On 1 2 3 proceed with Dile Que No but keep hold the hands. Simultaneously on the 3 you take both hands above the head to hold them in front of you, once again keep holding the hands.
3. On 5 6 7 proceed with the Dile Que No but end it with your left hand (for the girls it's also the left hand) behind their head (and alarde). It's a crucial moment and the girl needs to be blocked from making a turn. Be assertive and place your palms on her shoulder in order to block her. Your right hand is supposed to be free.
4. On 1 2 3 you make the same steps as El Uno except your left hand is on her shoulder and should be freed by the hand of the third beat. Your right hand is supposed to be behind her back holding her right hand behind the back as well.
5. On 5 6 7 make an alarde on yourself with the left hand and bring it back to front. Yes, it's just a showoff movement.
6. On the fourth and final eight count you make an Exhibela this should free your hands into a cross and by the 6 7 beats you should make an alarde on yourself with the left hand and alarde on the girl with the right hand, just like how you finish a regular Sombrero