La Sombra




The shadow

Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

A large swing of the arm backwards floorwise followed by the sign of the the move.

Eight Counts:

Se Fue


This is a Rueda move that is ideal for 4 couples, but can be done in a Rueda with any even number of couples. The whole idea of this move that there are 2 Ruedas in the Rueda; a leading Rueda, which includes the cantante, and a non leading Rueda. The non leading Rueda performs everything the leading Rueda does, but with a delay of a single count, and members of each Rueda move only among their Rueda. Meaning, if the leading Rueda performs a 2 count move, say Enchufala Y Dame, then the leading Rueda performs the Enchufala, while the non leading Rueda continues Guapea. Then, when the leading Rueda performs the Dame, the non leading Rueda starts performing an Enchufala Y Dame, thus creating a “lag” of a single count.
Each Dame in each Rueda is actually a Dame Dos, because each 2 adjacent couples are in different Ruedas. This goes on until the cantante calls “se fue”, and the Rueda returns to the default state.